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Exactly what you envision "entertainment" to be for your unique experience


"It wasn’t a question who I wanted to play at my wedding. I went to two receptions GOT Groove played at and was blown away each time. They are so incredibly good and so much fun! They are so entertaining and infused the whole night with energy. They truly started the party and made my wedding reception the most fun. I still have my guests talking about them. I have had numerous people ask me what band they were and that they wanted them for their reception! We were all blown away.. They were so inclusive and wanted everyone to join in. The dance floor was full the WHOLE night. I had requested that they play Garth Brooks and told them that my brother in law loves them. They got him on stage and let him sing a few GB songs! It was amazing and I will always remember these sweet memories. I am so grateful for all the memories made that night because of this band. They made our night one to always remember. Trust me, you want this band and NEED them for your reception! ❤️" - Lauren Nosser 2019

Entertainment... the one thing that can make or break your reception party. This is why you should look at hiring an "entertainment experience," and not just a "band."


Unlike event planners or corporate entities, you have one shot to make this the most unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. We know this and we take that to heart. Not only do we care about our performance and carrying out your vision to a T, we want to be considered "family" on speed dial after the fact!

Attention to detail, "show" style sound and lighting, talent, and charisma. These are the key ingredients for a successful event/wedding band. GOT groove, backed by Blue Earth Productions LLC, excels in all these areas.


Call us today and set up a consultation. You will quickly find out how our personalty and attention to detail will make for a great combination with our already talented musicians for the best party of your life. 

Demo - GOT Groove
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