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Welcome to the Party with GOT Groove!

GOT Groove is the hottest new name on the block. Unparrelled energy and charisma is the calling card for this band. With talent to match, they are making quite a name for themselves with vendors and clients alike.

What makes GOT Groove a great choice for you?

GOT Groove is a variety dance band that covers ALL genres and styles with great precision. This means they can make all your guests happy and cater their show to your requests of style and preference. Don't settle for a band that specializes in one style. GOT Groove does them all well!

Interaction: Both front vocalists are not only incredible singers and performers, but they both have an extensive MCing background, with one rocking the crowds of Bourbon street for years. Why is this important you ask? This means they are trained to turn a party from nothing to something. They will set the mood early, and get the party rockin' when it's time by any means necessary. Personality goes a long way in makin your guests feel comfortable to be a part of the party and the dance floor!

A growing setlist: GOT Groove is a band hungry to keep growing and learning new material. They not only keep up with todays hits, but are constantly adding songs from all decades and genres.

Behind the scenes: GOT Groove is backed by Blue Earth Productions LLC. They employ a production and office staff that helps to work on every aspect of your event to be perfect. It's just not the folks on stage that pull together a perfect show! The day to day leading up, and the process day of before the show, as well as the attention to detail off the stage to quality sound and lighting, is what puts this band in the top stratosphere of entertainment. 


For us, it's quite simple. Your end dream is our absolute goal. We will do our part, and beyond, in making sure to carry out your wishes for the best party for your wedding and event you could possibly imagine!

Demo - GOT Groove
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